Web development

Database design
A Database is what stores and recalls your data on a website. For example; a mailing list, client information or in the case of e-commerce; all the information needed to do business on the internet. Every site has unique requirements and we will need to establish yours before starting with a design.

This term normally involves everything that happens behind the scenes on a web site and almost always refer to a database and the files to access it.

So, you have just found a new way to paint your garden gnomes and you want to sell them online! (Known as e-commerce) There is obviously a lot to consider making internet transactions safe; it all depends on what you are selling, how you want to sell and how much you will sell.

Flash development
There are a few ways to create movement on your website. Flash would be the ‘King of the Hill’. It is powerful and you can do almost anything. We have created complete websites using Flash, but the only drawback is that your users must have the flash player installed on their PC to view your website. Of course there are ways around this but an added extra cost is involved, but we believe it is well worth it.

Graphic design
After planning your website and building the back end [the database we spoke of earlier] we need to create the front end of your website, this is what people actually see and it brands the look and feel of your company.

Intranet development
Most companies have lots of information that they want all their staff to access, but their staff only! So, the best way to solve this problem is to host a website on your local network where only your staff can access your valued data.

Server side scripting (scripting executed on the hosting server)
Server Side Scripting happens behind the scene of a website, and without this scripting a lot of the site’s functionality and speed would be impaired.
Examples: form execution, newsletter subscriptions, etc.

Web site admin
After we have finished building your website, you might think all is complete, but without regular website maintenance your site will grow stale and out of date.
We offer two types of maintenance contracts;
1\ A monthly retainer or
2\ Paying as you need it.

General Banner Sizes

Ad Type Pixel size Kb Size
Button 120×60 8Kb max
Banner 468×60 12Kb max
Flasher 180×150 10Kb max
Small bar 88×31 2Kb max
Pop-ups 180×150 10Kb max
Skyscraper 120×600 12Kb max
Square Button 120×120 8Kb max

If you need banner adds, here are some standard sizes:

Multi Media

CD-rom development
Do you need to send out a Press Release, or introduce a New Product or Service? Why not use a CD with inter-active content? The advantages far out way the cost per disc!

Flash is slowly taking over the web industry due to its powerful way of presenting your information to the world. Possible applications in this medium:

e-mailers [send out a newsletter in flash format]
invitations [send out an invitation to all your clients that is inter-active and fun]
Screen saver
e-mail business card
Flash brochure
Interactive presentations

Graphic design
Design is an integral part of Multi Media and the reason for this is clear! What ever you present to your audience needs to be esthetically pleasing to capture their attention; very few directors realize how important it is the have a professional identity!

Interactive presentations
Created in Flash or Director, burnt on CD or emailed to your clients, we can create a complete catalogue of your products to send to your clients.

Web advertising
Banner or web adds also fall under web design. Please refer to the Web Development section.

Graphic Design

Identities [Step 1]
The design of a logo and corporate identity for your company! Your logo is the first thing that people see or recall, people associate your logo with your company so it is vital that your logo brands your company and give the correct impression. We will make sure that we develop a look and feel for your company that will reflect what your company is all about.

Stationary [Step 2]
We will design and print all the stationary that is necessary to operate a successful company. When you send a letter with your company details it must look professional!

Examples of what we can you together for you:
Complementary clips
Business Cards

Marketing material [Step 3]
Next we will need to create advertising material to best sell your business.

Examples of various branding:
Newspaper advertising,

By promoting a logo or trademark to a recognised brand.

Examples of various branding:
promotions, etc

We often work with existing Corporate Identities ensuring that we follow the instructions and boundaries that have been set!