Web Design

We offer three basic web design solutions:

Template site

Webdragon Template

Web design solutions where you choose one of 10 basic templates and we ad your details and logo. This solution is ideal for small and private websites with a budget constraint. You are how ever limited to existing designs. A cost effective solution to get you going.

Custom DHTML website

Custom Web Solutions

We build your site from scratch, to what ever needs you mighty have and the cost of the site depends on the size.

Other services include: Custom web site design Database design Flash development Intranet solutions Administration


CMS site


(Content Management Systems) – Should you need a more interactive website with: client login, opinion polls, calendars, ext. We could supply you with an Open Source (WordPress /Joomla) or custom CMS solution depending on your needs and budget.


PPC / Adwords:

By ordering a Google adword Campaign or pay per click campaign (PPC) you can drive traffic to your website immediately. This is a great  solution for new and established websites. With a pay per click campaign you can get onto the front page of Google immediately.

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With maintaining your website we offer two options:

Pay per hour:
We charge you for the time spend at a fixed hourly rate.

Monthly retainer:
You pay per month for a set amount of hours (at a lower rate)  to cover all updates, this normally becomes more cost effective if you have regular updates.